Seven Bands To See This Week

Seven Bands To See This Week

This week is packed with shows you do not want to miss. Check it out!

Fox 45

Powerful riffs, heavy bass lines, and beautiful vocals, backed by some super hard hitting drums. Fox 45 is just a big ball of extreme talent and radness. Each song will get you banging your head and moving. Raise your fist and get your grunge face on because Fox 45’s psychedelic, stoner metal, grunginess will get you going.  They will be playing on Tuesday the 7th with kill Matlida at the Bug Jar.

Cammy Enaharo

Cammy is a folk singer with the most beautiful voice. You will instantly fall in love with her when you see her play. With each song she will make you feel the exact same emotion she felt while writing it. She is playing on Wednesday the 8th at Abelines with Folk Faces.

Death Camp

Hardcore punk band. A tight highly talented band fronted with growling vocals and angst filled lyrics. Death Camp is a show you want to go to if you are in a bad mood and want to get some aggression out. They are playing at the Bug Jar with Guntrouble and The Temptators on Wednesday the 8th.

The Setbacks

A newer take on pop punk, catchy guitar riffs, and relatable lyrics. The Setbacks come at you fast get you moving. They bring that old 90’s skate punk sound and mix it with a modern newer pop punk sound that brings you the greatness that is The Setbacks. They are playing Friday the 10th at The California Brew Haus with Coldfront, Bummer, and A.J. Anthony.

King Buffalo

The stoner metal, heavy blues, rock band that will leave you in a trance. King Buffalo brings the heavy to a whole new level. Some killer psychedelic riffs and haunting vocals backed by powerful bass lines and drumming. King Buffalo is playing on Saturday the 11th with Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor at The bug Jar.

New City Slang

New City Slang has a sloppy 70’s garage rock style. Guitar solos and catchy chorus’ to get you grooving. New City slang is a fun band to see and puts on a great show.  They are playing with Black Ribbon, The Emersons and Raging Nathan at Monty’s Krown on Saturday the 11th.

On the Cinder

Fast, loud and punk rock. yelling vocals and fast riffs. On the cinder is the basic heavy pop punk that has been on the come up lately. The Buffalo band will get the crowd moshing and chanting each chorus. They are playing on Saturday the 11th with Authority Zero, Seven Thirty Seven, and The Home Crowd at The Waiting Room in Buffalo.

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