Private’s Eye: Bug Jar

Private’s Eye: Bug Jar

Being a woman who loves bars, I have seen every type of bathroom imaginable. Girls are gross, and when you add alcohol it gets even worse. My mission is to bring you the top 5 most disgusting bar bathrooms in Rochester, and give you advice on how to survive them.

Today we embark down the piss-yellow brick road and we start at number 5: The Bug Jar. Located on Monroe Avenue and known for its local shows, the Bug Jar is certainly a staple for the Rochester degenerate. The atmosphere is that of reckless abandonment, whether it’s dancing to some fantastic live music or littering toilet paper all over the floor.

The bathroom itself isn’t completely terrible. Staff makes an effort to keep it clean, but it’s impossible to maintain it when there’s a herd of drunken punk girls in ripped fishnets working to desecrate it.

The reason The Bug Jar makes it onto my list of worst bar bathrooms is that of privacy. The ladies room is at the back of the dance floor and the door is always propped wide open.  Walking in, you face two stalls. If the one to the right is occupied you’re fucked and not in a good way. The four IPAs you slammed in anticipation for that band your friend told you about are chomping at the bit to make their exit and you have no choice but to go into the stall directly in front of you; the stall with no latch. Your finger holding the door is the only thing blocking the view of your lady parts from the creepy fellows milling about the ATM.

So you successfully pee, making most of it in the target, and then you are tasked with wiping.

It’s like a deranged game of twister where losing doesn’t just mean falling over, it means checking the internet for photos for the next month.

If your balance is maintained and you make it out of the stall without the door swinging open or getting tangled in a web of toilet paper, feel proud. Last thing you have to do is elbow your way through some girls applying more black eyeliner and wash your hands and then toss the paper towel somewhere near the garbage.

Ladies, normally I can’t stand it when girls find the need to migrate to the bathroom in flocks, but this is one bathroom where a friend can help you keep your lady-parts from being exposed.

Solution: My darling Bug Jar, all you have to do is fix the latch on that door and you make your way off my shit list!

Note: The purpose of these inSTALLments is to share my party girl wisdom and experiences. My opinion is biased and in no way affects my opinion of the targeted establishment. After all, the bars I write about are bars I have drank my share of whiskey in, and will continue to do so.