Seven Bands To See This Week

Seven Bands To See This Week

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Continental Drift

Continental Drift is a bare bones rock outfit. With bluesy rock riffs, garage rock style vocals, and quick intricate solos, this band keeps a fresh take on rock and roll. So catch the Continental Drift and check out this killer show. They will be playing on Monday the 13th with Sandy, Alex G, Faux Leather Jacket, and Drive Me Home Please at The Bug Jar.

Order Of The Dead

Heavy, fast, intricate, and thrash as fuck. Get into the pit and throw down for Order Of The Dead. This band is one of Rochester’s heaviest metal groups and they are not afraid to make your ears bleed and your head bang. They are playing with Betrayer and Malformed on Wednesday the 15th at Flower City Station.

Secret Pizza

An indie, noise/pop,rock band that will get you grooving with their catchy hooks. This band is just full of perfection and beauty from the tight sounds of the music to the lovely vocals. Secret Pizza is just a big ball of talent and awesome that comes at you hard and hits you in the face and then explodes creating a rainbow to flow through your ear holes. They are playing one Wednesday the 15th at The Bug Jar with The Appleseedcast, and Alberto Alaska.

The Janitors

Grunge!!! A band that will get your head banging and your fist up high, The Janitors are highly talented musicians. Hard hitting riffs and heavy bass, lines backed by some hard pounding drums. Although in an instant you can be going from banging your head to swaying with the mix of fast and slow songs and different styles, they incorporate into their music. They are playing with Cult Classic and Joan and the Jones at The California Brew Haus on Thursday the 16th.

Jackson Cavalier and The Fevertones

The extremely talented Jackson and The Fevertones will always put on a great show. They will leave you in awe with each and every song. Some dirty folk music to get dancing; the Fevertones are a really tight group with an outstanding live show. Each song is written to perfection from the lyrics to the music. The Fevertones will be playing at Lux on Thursday the 16th.

Beer Pressure

Yes, this is my band but whatever I am the writer so I can do this. Folk/punk music played by drunks with songs about waking up next to an ugly girl and Genny beer, go see Beer Pressure! They will be playing on Friday the 17th for The California Brew Haus 45th anniversary show.

Hunting Stories

Hunting Stories is a Boston/Rochester Folk band. Great story tellers and musicians, each song is melodic and composed to perfection bringing you the greatness that is Hunting Stories. They are playing at The Bug Jar on Friday the 17th with Little Laupin and Hieronymous Bogs.

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