I Am Addicted to Cottage Jefferson

I Am Addicted to Cottage Jefferson

When I last covered a Cottage Jefferson I compared their album “I Don’t Believe Anything” to giving heroin to an addict. Well just when I thought I was free of my Cottage Jefferson addiction they released “B-Side” forcing me to dust off all of their albums and relapse into some indie rock filled habit.

If you haven’t hear of Cottage Jefferson before you have been living under a rock. Over the past three years the four pieces has become a staple in the indie rock scene of Rochester.  B-Sides, which is the bands fourth release, seems to be just that. The long awaited ‘other side of the tape’ fans have been waiting for since last year’s release.

The new album is a bit more melodic and spacey compared to previous releases but still maintains the feel good indie rock we came to love.  The album is hard to break down in terms of hit singles.  At 34 minutes of playtime every songs has its own voice and character and the album deserves multiple listen throughs just to hear everything is going on.

The vocals are both droney and powerful combined with bass and guitar riffs that play off eachother perfectly all backed by a solid bass line the album varies in style from each song. Songs such as Trapper Keeper maintain a garage rock type feel and are offset by more slow jam songs such as Fast Food which laments over the repetitive of day to day life.

Overall B-Side will not only force you to play it on repeat, but to go back and download the rest of their discography in search for more of a fix.

Song to Listen to: Microwave