It’s Finally here, ‘Look What this Cheesecake Has Done to Us’ by The Sexy Teenagers has been anticipated for about six months and now Eat Here Records has finally put it out.  Much Like Sexy Teenagers live shows, it’s kick ass from start to finish.

‘Look What This Cheesecake Has Done To Us’ starts out with a power house fan favorite “(Under) achieving Mediocrity” and from there you better grab yourself a beer and enjoy. The Teenagers keep each song with a perfect flow of fast and a little bit of slow. With the title track you get a nice slow acoustic song, but right after they pick it back up with the fast and heavy “106”

The Lyrics for each song are beautifully written. Some of my favorite written songs are “Gin in the Morning”, or the slower “Rochester is Burning”. The band does a great job composing each song. Great riffs and the drumming on the record is fantastic. The speed changes on songs like “Thinner, Poorer” were just so perfect.  ‘Look What This Cheesecake Has Done to Us’ is full of gang chants and just the right amount of woahs.

If you haven’t heard The Sexy Teenagers all you have to do is go walk around the city on pretty much any given night and they are most likely playing someplace.  They have some of the most energetic live shows and a loyal fan base, and this record is the perfect gift for anyone who loves the band. It captures all of the energy and love for playing the band has perfectly. Pick up ‘Look What This Cheesecake Has Done To Us’  buy a thirty rack of beer and put it on repeat because you will want to listen to it over and over again, and Remember NO SEXTING!

Song to listen to “No Sexting”