Dirty Space Funk

Dirty Space Funk

When you go to the bio page on Occupather’s website you don’t find a list of influences, a description of their sound, or a story on how the band formed. Instead you find a brief paragraph describing  the legend of the mythic creature the Ocular Panther:

“The legend of the Ocular Panther is one of the most ancient and seldom told. Stories of the great beast can be found as far back as history has been written. These shape-shifter myths can be found all over the world from China to Iceland and Brazil to Haiti. They are said to be able to enter one’s being through eye contact, hypnotizing the mind and terrorizing the soul.”

After one listen to Occupanther for even one song you will get the feeling that they have been possessed by the very creature in their description. They call themselves Psychedelic Electro Funk, but even that long genre doesn’t fully describe the sound they create.  ‘Data Stretching’ is a testament to that.  Released September 2014, this eight song album takes influences from Jazz, Blues, Funk, Psychedelic, and old Rock and mixes it with Electronic Pop making an album that is truly unique.

The album starts off with ‘Obtuse Snot’, an upbeat plastic beach-esque song that gets you moving right away. The next track ‘III E III’ is a blend of psychedelic and soul that will have you transported back into a world of bright colors and feel good times, the guitars feed off each other creating totally unique solos. One of my favorite songs, ’Treat Me Like a Telescope’ flings you into a soul fused jam that blends organic sounds with electronic seamlessly.

Coming down from ‘Treat Me Like a Telescope’ they move into Yerkrewrun which  takes on a blues laden jam with insane solos throughout the entire track. I fell in love with the drums on the mellow track ‘The Great Oxygenation’.  ‘Pyromancer’ speeds up a little but keeps the mellow undertones from the last song with a steady beat and heavyily distorted guitar riffs. The album ends with ‘Splitchiz’ an eleven minute jam that encompassed the many styles found in this album.

The album as a whole keeps you engaged and will fit well at a party or when you are jamming out during your work day.

Song to listen to: Treat me like a telescope