Teenset Reviews China Buffet

Teenset Reviews China Buffet

The China Buffet is a big part of life as it influenced me to eat vegetables (which despite research are actually healthy) When I was 16 or 17 maybe 15 actually I hated vegetables and sampled broccoli (pronounced brock-o-lee) at a China Buffet on East Ridge rd in Irondequoit. I loved it! Also on that fated evening I rented Vincent Price’s ‘The Raven’ from Video King. To this day that movie reminds me of Chinese food and Chinese food reminds me of the movie.

Over the years China Buffets have had a profound impact on my life as I took Doug Kellogg on a date to one as we signed a contract for me to be his manager. My favorite China Buffet resides on West Ridge Rd in Greece in the Chuck-e-Cheese parking lot. (Chuck-e-Cheese is a popular mouse restaurant) Traveling down Ridge rd has many famous landmarks I like to point out, where the movie theater used to be, where kiddie city used to be and where the Asian massage parlor used to be.

When you enter the Buffet you are promptly seated and asked ‘what would you like to drink?’ by a courteous waitress. Refrain from asking what sodas they have available as this is a question as difficult for the waitress as if we were asked to list every element on the periodic table. The Mongolian BBQ is the first stop and it’s a thrill to say the least. It comprises of trays of RAW MEAT that you get to prod at with tongs. Then a man puts them on a round hot thing (wok) and tosses the food about with long sticks until they are ready for the customer to eat. It is delicious and exciting.

If you are brave you can opt not to use knives and forks but Chinese eating devices known as ‘chop sticks’ Sometimes splinters from these devices become loosened from the chopsticks and then go into the mouth of the customer. While this is rare it has been known to cause several deaths over the past decade. (Ten years)

The Buffet offers what is commonly referred to as American Dishes. This area of the Buffet includes pizza slices, chicken wings, doughnuts, chicken nuggets, french fries, and macaroni and cheese. These dishes are offered for bratty children who are spoiled no good scoundrels. It is also offered to the more racist customers who hate the Asians due to previous world wars and torture endured by American military in prison camps. (Don’t worry; this occurred over 20 years ago and not in modern days)

Strange foods are offered and sometimes resemble pets commonly sold in pet shops. For example, my pet crayfish, Bluto, was cooked and served up in a pan for people to munch on (pictured below)

The dessert options are astronomical and allow the customer to be potentially injured while scooping ice cream from barrels. Adding pudding to the ice cream is a great decision to make. Jello also jiggles all over the dessert table. But not as much as Jello that is not over a week old.

One of the most captivating things about the china buffet is the bathroom graffiti and the secret curtained off area. The graffiti is both racist and sexual. While many enjoy ‘sex and violence’ I feel it has no place in the china buffet. Swastikas and curse words were scrapped into the bathroom walls, how rude!

There is a giant curtain and if you peek behind it you see BEDS! People live in the china buffet! Do they rent rooms to travelers? What are their rates? Do you get to eat all night? Does the continental breakfast have rice all over it? Why are there no reviews on Travelocity.com? Please do tell me more!!!!