Get a taste of OHS

Get a taste of OHS

It was about time that Over Hand Sam(OHS) released an EP. I had originally caught on Genesee Live, later catching a few live shows, and quickly became a fan.  His debut EP is only four songs long (about 20 minutes of music), and is considered a warm up to a full length album later this year buts its exactly what you would want from OHS. THE four songs feature hauntingly beautiful vocals backed with guitar that dripped blues from every pore.

The album opens up with ‘Feel So Bad’ which does what every first song is supposed to do drawing  the listener right into the album with heavy riffs and a catchy chorus.  The following song ‘For My Love’, a deep voiced love ballad slows the tone down a bit. ‘Just Don’t Know’ mixes soft spoken vocals, simple guitar riffs, backed up by piano to create a feeling of floating throughout the song.  The EP ends with ‘For Better // For Worse, a set apart from the rest of the songs it starts out with samples then slowly moves into guitar and eerie vocals.

For only being four songs long this debut EP does a good job of showing what Over Hand Sam is capable of and makes me itch for the release of the length album.

Song to Listen to: Feel So Bad