Late Night at The Lobby: Slay Belles

Late Night at The Lobby: Slay Belles

The first Friday of every month has been growing in popularity for events in Rochester. Every month new galleries open, artists open up their studios to the public, and every location that can support local music has a show playing that night. The Lobby, who curates art events at the Bug Jar, has been booking events since 2011 featuring over 20 art and music showcases.  Their shows have grown bigger and crazier with every exhibit recently including video exhibits and a new mural on the exterior walls of the Bug Jar with each event.

We spoke with The Lobby briefly about why they chose the Bug Jar to hold their events:

“The Bug Jar has been home to art for a long time. The old owner, who is now deceased, was the one who installed the upside down room above the stage. The place has always been filled with murals, statues, paper mache bugs above the bar it seemed like a perfect fit. I think bug jar is a good place for it because it takes the pressure off forcing people to go to an art show or gallery. People come in the bug jar naturally so for an artist doesn’t have to sweat about forcing people to come and buy art work. Bug Jar isn’t worried about paying rent if a gallery doesn’t go well. Traveling bands buy pieces quite often as well. They will get paid well from a good show and take some art work home with them.”

Photo by The Lobby

This Friday the new exhibit dropping at the Bug Jar is titled ‘Slay Belles’ is described as a brutal satirical Christmas themed show filled with brutality. So if you are into the traditional look of Christmas this show might not be for you but if you hate the current American manifestation of a normal Christmas celebration then these pieces will be right up your alley.

Art and Photo by Missy Kelly

The show includes original pieces from local talent MK Ultra, Take, Missie Kelly, Jesse Amesmith, and Rheytchul. Frank Bacon will also be doing a video installation the night of the event and a mural by local graffiti artist AEKS has already been completed on the Bug Jars’ exterior. The mural feratures a ‘happy holidays’ themed piece including beer cans, a deranged looking Santa Claus, orange iceicles, and spray paint caps.

New Mural Photo By The Lobby

Normally the Lobby shows have been predomitly a showcase of local talent but this month some out of town heavy hitters have sent in their art for the showcase. New York City graffiti artists Dick Mama and Jilly Ballistic will be featuring their work as well as amazing stencil artist Neva Safe from Austin Texas.

Art and Photo by Neva Safe

No good first Friday event would be good without some good music. This moth the lobby is featuring Shana Falana, an experimental dream-pop band from Brooklyn New York whose new album is said to take a more rock heavy tone. Shana will be playing with everyone’s favorite sludge metal band Fox 45, garage rock duo Buffalo Sex Change, and Cramps tribute band The Crampusnacht.

The Slay Belles gallery will be featured at Bug Jar until the end of January, so you can think of The Lobby as those neighbors who keep their chistmas light up too long. Local Wall Therapy artist Shawnee Hill will have a Lobby Exhibit in Febuary, Bands TBA.

Event page HERE

The Rochester Insomniac will now feature a new series titled ‘Late Night With The Lobby’ featuring exclusive interviews with the exhibits artists and musicians. Stay tuned for more in-depth articles about your favorite local talent coming soon.