Full for $5: Kabob

Full for $5: Kabob

If you have been toward the Union St. side of Monroe recently you have watch the Kabob restaurant being built on the corner of Marshall St. and Monroe Ave. for some time now. I was pleasantly surprised when walking past the location the other day that it was open. I didn’t know exactly what was in store for me when I walked into the brand new restaurant, but in my experience anything cooked on a kabob hasn’t been disappointing yet.

When I walked in I could tell immediately that the store had just recently opened. The smell of new paint and bleach hung in the air. The location itself was pretty sparsely furnished, a couple faux wooden booths with bright orange seats, half dozen paintings on the walls, tissue boxes in the place of napkin holders, and a half full drink cooler.  But the smell coming from the back though was heavenly and the menu, with all of items under $8, was perfect for a broke bastard such as myself.

I was looking over the menu board above the counter when I was greeted warmly by the owner who immediately pointed to a wall covered with pictures of the different meals he had to offer. I am assuming those pictures exist because the average Monroe Ave. resident has no clue what Afghani food actually is. In true Full for $5 fashion I was looking at snack foods such as pakora or samosa or bread and dip meals like naan and kulcha,  the owner convinced me to order the chicken wrap instead.

“If you want to be healthy and full order the chicken wrap” he explained.  As I thought of my current diet of fried foods and thanksgiving leftovers I really couldn’t argue with healthy and filling.  The order came out to $5.35 after tax so it wasn’t like I was breaking the bank with anything I chose.

Just watching the food being cooked made my mouth water. The chicken was whole breasts cut up and cooked kabob style over a large grill and the filling vegetables were fresh and sliced to order. When everything was placed on the wrap the cook yelled at me over his shoulder “Do you want it spicy?” I love spicy food so I answered extra spicy, he gave me a look, shrugged his shoulders, poured the sauce over the meal, then added more curry to the wrap. Soon the meal was wrapped in foil and I was on my way home in the cold.

I was unwrapping the meal before I was a block away. After one bite I was already hooked, the chicken was grilled to perfection and the sauce mixed with tomatoes and lettuce was amazing, but I soon understood why I got a strange look when I asked for extra spicy. The extra curry was HOT I mean mouth watering, sinus clearing, top of your head sweating HOT.  If you are not a fan of spicy food I suggest just ordering the normal sauce or at least the standard spicy sauce, don’t assume it’s not hot enough.

But the meal was delicious and the owner wasn’t lying, the wrapped immediately filled me up. With my mouth full of the taste of curried chicken and my stomach full I happily continued on my work day wondering what I would order next time I visited Kabob.

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