Late Night With The Lobby

Late Night With The Lobby

It’s the first Friday of December in Rochester, and like every first Friday of the month it means art showcased all over the city. The Bug Jar is no exception, Thanks to The Lobby Presents, The Jar showcased a ton of great street artists work as well as some great bands.  When I walked out of the cold and into the bar I was greeted by local artist and the man behind The Lobby Presents, Thieven Steaphen.

After a brief discussion with him I walked further into the bar where the lights were bright and shining all over the art filled walls. Pieces by many great artists like Neva Safe from  Austin, Dick Mama from New York City, Rheytchul Kimmel, Missie Kelly, and the one and only Frank Bacon  I made my way over to the pool table to start my art gazing. On the wall behind the table two huge pieces one of them being Stephens, it was painted directly to the wall and was of frog humanoid sticking its tongue out to catch a bug wearing a red shirt with a guitar player on it. Next to that was a realistic looking picture of a man staring at some hanging meat.

And it didn’t stop there I look to the wall at and see a ton of pictures of Jesus with black metal makeup all over his face. Complete Genius. I couldn’t get enough of the great artwork covering the walls; from a giant Grinch with a Santa outfit to Santa holding Jesus on his lap.  And that was just some of the great work. As I was admiring some more black metal Jesus figurines, I was approached by a Stephen introducing me to artists like Take, the local street artist. Come to find out the majority of the artists with pieces in the show were all female.  Now, I knew that the famous Frank Bacon had art in this show.  So, ladies and gentleman I have come to find out that Frank Bacon is a girl! I didn’t get to meet her on this occasion and was bummed out but saw a lot of her art work.

After meeting Take and looking at all the great art that was showcased perfectly all over the Bug Jar it was time to catch some great tunes.  Fox 45 started off the show, playing tighter and better than I’ve heard in a long time. I must say they killed it. After them was Buffalo Sex Change, with an amazing back drop with crazy trippy visuals being played behind them.  It was beautiful.

The trippy light show didn’t stop with them though New York City’s Shana Falana kept it going when they played.  Shana Falana was beautiful, never seeing them before I found them to be a wonderful psychedelic indie rock mix. Then came the Cramps tribute band. Yes, a Cramps tribute band, called The Crampusnacht Band. I went in to see them already one song in after smoking a cigarette and had to dance my way to the front of the stage to get pictures.

The first thing I see is the lead guitar player on stage wearing a paper Mache green troll thing head and lingerie. It was magnificent to say the least. Then they even had Pauline from Fox 45 come up on stage to sing a song.  These guys were fun and had the whole crowed moving.

Finally at the end of the night, when the dancing stopped and Bug Jar radio was turned back on, all the kids started to flood out of the bar. On my way out I took one last look to appreciate all the great art work. I said my good byes and headed back out to Monroe excited for next month’s First  Friday and all the great artists that will be showcased.

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