Talking Trash with The Aristakunts

Talking Trash with The Aristakunts

The Aristakunts is one of the newer punk bands that have been playing around Rochester this year. With fast in your face songs like ‘Oogle Death Match’, ‘Too Poor’, and ‘Call of the Beer Wench’ and a perfectly offensive name it’s a band that we over here at the Insomniac have really enjoyed watching. We met up with the crusty trio to talk about their music, the Rochester punk scene, and their favorite booze.

How did the Aristakunts  get started?

Toki:  It started off right after tax season. I got about $1,200 back and we bought a whole box of booze next thing you know we were talking about starting a band. Kunts were born.

Cory Trash: Toki moved in with me. We talked starting a band and started writing some shit. We had a couple songs with just bass and guitar. We wrote ‘Tuesday Night’, which we still play, and ‘Not Sorry’. Later on we met Tim through friends of ours and he was down to play drums so the three of us started practicing.

How did you come up with the name Aristakunts?

Trash: Since like high school I had a band name in my head, Aristakrust. I still have two more band names in my head for different bands but if I was ever in a crust band it would be Aristakrust. When Toki and I started writing we were going to call it Aristakrust, our friend Colleen said we weren’t that crust so we should just be Aristakunts. I liked the name and it was true, we were heavy but to have a band with crust in the name you have to be really fucking crusty.

What are the other two band names in your head?

Trash:  Disswiser my idea for a D-beat band and Motley Glue is my idea if I was going to be in a noise punk band.

What is the song writing process like?

Toki: It’s kind of a combination. I’ll start coming up with a couple different riffs and Trash will follow along with it and come up with his own ideas.  We combine it together then he starts writing lyrics.

Trash: We try to come up with a good riff between Toki and I then we show it to Tim and he comes up with his own ideas. We try to combine riffs into a song then after all that we try and write lyrics. The three of us seem to work well together.

When you guys going to come out with an album?

Toki: We are doing a split seven inch with Clyde, a stoner trash band from Rochester, we are going to do two songs each and its going to be pretty fucking brutal.

Trash: I think we are going record ‘No Money’ and ‘Call of the Beer Wench’ for the split.

Toki: After the split we will focus on a full length. We have some friends in Buffalo that want to record us.

What do you guys think of the punk scene here?

Trash:  It has its hits and misses. Lately, this year in particular, I have been to more shows that I actually cared about then I have been to in at least two years. I think things are picking up. I mean our drummer Tim is in some awesome bands;  Controlled By Fear is fucking dope and that’s why we knew who Tim was.

Toki: it has always had its roller coasters in Rochester. I have been playing in bands for twelve years, this is my sixth band in Rochester. Te City has always had its up and downs with bands. I think we came out of a wave for a while. It was strong in the 90’s and dulled out for a bit and went more grim and metal, now it’s more punk which kind of brings it back to where we are at now. We have our shreds in the D-beat but then add in grind and stoner and everything throws people off. We want to mix it up a bit and get everyone into it.

You all seem to come from different playing styles why did you pick the style you’re playing now?

Trash: I think it’s turned into what its turned into because in the beginning when it was just Toki and I writing its just what we were writing. I am really into street punk, more D-beat and crust.

Toki: D-beat and crust and the style of punk that we do has been kind of a main stay. It was what I came up on ten years ago and I never want to let go of it. It gets stronger and stronger with the more styles we work into it. It’s become something new. An ongoing thing with the rotcore scene, even back from the 80s and 90s, is that we keep adding styles to it and keep it interesting. Rochester had a different way of spinning things and really kind of unifying different styles. We have a pretty versatile and diverse sound.

Tim: I like doing this because it’s a different style then what I do with the other bands I’m in. It’s really more of a thrashy metal drumming.

Trash: This is the first band I have ever been in that played shows. Toki is in his 6 band and has done everything from black metal to street punk. Tims played really heavy grind stuff. So it’s a mix of what we all are into. We all like the same things but we all have our favorite and we mix it all together.

Favorite booze?

Toki: For me Jameson or Tullamore, really anything whiskey. I really like dark beer. Anything as long as it’s not clear.

Trash: I drink Pabst like its water. Whiskey, vodka, I am not too picky as long as it’s not tequila.

Tim:  Malt Liquor, Hurricanes all day, and Schlitz.

Trash: We all love that amazing malt liquor.

We started off asking how you guys got together how do you think you are going to break up?

Trash: Because I got too drunk

Toki: we have been going real strong so I don’t see us breaking up. I think we are going to keep pushing on. Though one of us might die while were still together; probably Corey or I because Tim seems to have it pretty together.

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Keep a look out for their upcoming seven inch split with Clyde!