Seven Bands to See This Week

Seven Bands to See This Week

Here is your local music fix for the week

Jon Lewis

Jon Lewis is an amazing singer song writer who mixes a classic voice with an array of instruments ranging from acoustic guitar to an organ. Whether he is playing solo or with his full ensemble it will always be a good experience. Jon Lewis will be playing Wednesday the 4th with American Opera and Goodbye Ronnie and Bug Jar.

Passive Aggressive Anonymous

If you mix pop lyrics and drums with eerie distorted vocals and psychedelic tones you may come close to the sound that Passive Aggressive Anonymous creates. There show will pull you into a dream like state of their own making. Passive Aggressive Anonymous will be playing The Lobby’s first Friday event at Bug Jar with The Shandeliers and Fyerwerx.

Chris Beard

Son of Joe Beard and Rochester native, Chris Beard is known as the prince of blues. Inspired by artists such as Buddy Guy and Mat Murphy Chris Beard’s unique sound has won him several awards including Best Blues Musician in 1997. This show is a must for any blues lover. Chris Beard will be playing Friday the 6th at Flour City Station.

Ginger Faye Bakers

This band is how Rock n’ Roll should be played. High energy tunes, lyrics that will instantly become stuck in your head and just enough fuzz and distortion to keep it interesting. Ginger Faye Bakers will be playing with All Them Witches, King Buffalo, and The Well Sunday the 8th at Bug Jar


As hardcore as a swift kick in the teeth Druse is guaranteed to get you up and moving. With piercing vocals backed by crazy guitar solos and heavy drums they are a perfect band to jump into the mosh pit and unwind to. Druse will be playing Saturday the 7th with Such Gold, Holy War, Del Paxton, and Taking Meds @ Bug Jar


OHS or Overhand Sam is an indie acoustic artist that caught my attention from the first time I saw him. With serene vocals and amazing guitar riffs his music will draw you in and is guaranteed a good time. OHS will be playing with MD Woods and Mike Brown at Lovin’ Cup Friday the 6th


Lighters are a young indie rock band, but don’t let their age fool you, they are a tight band. All great musicians that sound fantastic together. They have great vocals and a band that backs them up without flaw. Lighters will be playing Tuesday the 3rd with Empire! Empire, Warren Franklin, The Founding Fathers, and Keeler at Bug Jar.

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