Seven Bands To See This Week

Seven Bands To See This Week

Buffalo Sex Change

Buffalo Sex Change is a shoegaze style indie rock band with an out of this world live show. This two piece has more sound then most bands in scene. Their amazing talent is backed up by a killer live show, armed with lights and a psychedelic changing back drop. They are playing with Cantelope and Shana Falana at the Bug Jar on Tuesday April 7th.

Aaron DeRuyter

An acoustic musician from Phelps New York with amazing talent; Aaron is plays an interesting style of folk.  He has a nice mellow sound that is not to be compared to anything else. Beautiful vocals and perfectly written songs Aaron is a great musician to go check out. He’s playing with Saul Conrad at the Bug Jar on Wednesday April 8th


This is band is fucking metal. With aspects of Doom, thrash and death metal all bunched together, Saluco is without a doubt heavy as fuck. They are playing with Danger Troll, Pink Elephant, Lamby, Planet Assassin, and Big Business at the Bug Jar Friday April 10th.

Ivy’s Panic Room

Ivy’s Panic Room is a young but not to be overlooked band. Extremely tight and powerful with every song this band is going places. Armed with an energetic live show these guys put everything they have into their music. They have a cool pop punk sound that infuses some indie rock and hip hop. They are playing for the spring jam at the Montage Friday April 10th.

Green Dreams

Green Dreams are a little heavy, a little sludgy, and all punk rock. Jesse’s killer vocals front the bands fast grunge stoner punk style. With heavy riffs and pounding drums Green Dreams is a band you will not want to miss ever. They are playing Saturday April 11th at the Bug Jar with Screaming Females and Pleistocene.


The band of fucking Vikings! These guys rule, not only because they dress like bad ass Vikings but because they are heavy as fuck. Each song brings you on a journey. Tyranitar is something that is not like anything else.  They are playing Roc Upstate Massive Metal Day at the Montage on Saturday April 11th.

Bridge Under Fire

This is just a good old punk band from Syracuse. This four piece brings you back to the basics of punk rock. With their fast chord progressions and hard hitting drums fronted by growling vocals, these guys will get your fists in the air and get you chanting. They are playing with Glenwood and Every Town at the Bug Jar on Sunday April 12th.