Kicking Out Krudco

Kicking Out Krudco

Anyone who skates, or knows someone who skates, in this city probably know what Krudco is. In Rochester, Skating and Krudco Skate Shop goes hand in hand. It’s been around for about 20 years and in the same spot on Monroe for 18 of those years.

Krudco is located on the Inner Loop on Monroe before it turns into Chestnut. Many times walking home drunk from the old office I would walk past the place with kids skating outside. Which is why, when I found out the much loved store was pretty much being forced to move, I was shocked.

Because of the inner loop not being filled in, their landlord doubled the rent on the small skate shop in what can only be a hope of gentrification in the area. And with gentrification comes more people who want to rent store fronts, people who want to spend the big bucks on a fancy a hipster lunch place where a sandwich cost 9 bucks. (No wonder they can afford all the good spots in the city.)

As I was walking down Monroe one night I see people flowing into Krudco. Now at this time at night the store is usually closed so my curiosity was struck. At the front door was the owner Arron asking for five bucks a head. I couldn’t see what was going on inside because a curtain covered the door way. He saw me standing there with my Insomniac Cut on and asked me to come in no charge. (Sometimes having that nice vest on everyday comes in handy).

I was stoked as the curtain opened to see the small store filled wall to wall with people. They had DJ Tim Tones scratching records in one end of the store and on the other end a small bar serving PBR, Genny, and Wine for very cheap. Everyone in the whole place had a beer in hand. I could hardly get into the door. The place has such loyal customers and friends that all came out to show support.

A couple of days later I went back during store hours to talk to Arron about what was really going on and what the future of the store looked like. More annoyed than anything to have to get up and move he told me he has plenty of spots he can move to. His goal is to move someplace he can put a small ramp inside of behind the store.

“We might as well pay off out debt and just bail you know? Its fucked I don’t want to have the landlord all of a sudden turn around again.” he tells me after saying there is a small chance they will stay but make the store smaller and have another spot as well.

He tells me how the inner loop going away may cause gentrification and will probably raise the rent prices in the area. What annoys Arron is that he was actually in favor of the Inner Loop project at first. Shortly after thought it might just be a waste of money and could found out could raise his rent.

So for now keep a close ear to Krudco, and go support them whenever you get a chance. They are a great part of our community and we can only hope they end up someplace good for them.  He says he will stay in the city for sure and does not want to close the current location yet. He said if he can, would like to transition it perfectly to where he wouldn’t really even have to close to move.

So here’s to Krudco and them finding a great new spot that’s even more kick ass. Also, don’t forget to look for anything you can do to support the local business.