Independent Media and You

Independent Media and You

When someone hands you a crudely photocopied zine/book/ pamphlet or newsletter, your head should be filled with wonderment of what awful or subversive literature you’ve been graced with.

The best thing in my opinion (the editor of an offensive magazine) is that the producer was at no point subjected to any censorship. Whatever you have been blessed* with is probably the writings of some kind of crazy person, maybe a anarchist included an article about how to make a pipe bomb, or perhaps, there’s an article about how to kill yourself (see insomniac issue2) or even yet maybe an article by some dumb kid who went to the gathering of the juggalos (see Rochester TeenSet Outsider issue00000)

Independent media is in my opinion (the editor of an offensive magazine) more important now that it has ever been!

As the world of flash copied literature shrivels and dies, ideas, ideals and rebellion is shoved into a compact world of gentrified apple products. The subversive is conveniently removed from Facebook with little or no explanation. As the rambunctious blogger is flagged with charges of ‘pornography’ and shuffled to the figurative ‘back of the bus’ on search engines. Artist’s work is also deemed to be pornographic and hastily removed from Facebook. The very fact that one’s birth name is demanded by these gentrifiers and photo ID is required to continue the addiction stabs a knife into those of us who choose to live under an alias to further our art and choosen lifestyles.

Controversy erupts as the Drag Queen world is forced out into the open as their ‘given’ names are demanded. And, what becomes of the wrestlers, the hookers, the teachers, the crime victims, the offensive magazine editors and the vast array of punk nicknamed goons? They leave….

Does facebook feel as if it accomplished something by getting rid of the rabble rousers? Where do we voice our opinions? Independent media. We write a bunch of badly spelled opinions and facts based on nothing and go to Kinkos and print a few hundred of them and hand them out. This is an act of desperation; this is also an act of war, whatever war we see fit!

*blessing is something religious