Spreading The Mayo

Spreading The Mayo

Rochester has a lot of very good local talent, but one in particular works harder and rocks better than a lot of them. I’m talking about Hot Mayonnaise of course.  If you have seen one of their shows you will know the intensity of there their stage presence.  Dressed in a retro seventies style and playing what they describe to be just sleazy balls to the wall rock and roll. “Sleazy, greazy” said their bass player, Grahm, when I asked how to describe their unique sound.

I have seen them play a handful of times, anytime I see them on a bill I try and make it out, and every time I’m left in a daze. Every song is just rock and roll, period.  “We just want to talk about the most rock and roll things man.”  Front man Adrian tells me in a corner booth of a bar.  “Like what happened in the seventies.” Last time I saw them play he was wearing big cheetah print platform boots and jumping on and off stage screaming at the crowed. “ A man just needs to have a pair of cheetah platforms” he told me.

Now as much as these guys love to have fun and party, they are very serious about what they are doing.” on a serious note, we could not be more serious about what we are doing, we want you to hear us in every basement, dive bar, and stereo ever”  Said Grahm.  We actually caught up with the guys as they just finished up a new tape coming out on Reel Time Records.

“It won’t be out any later than June” explained Adrian. Not to mention a couple of tours. July will be their second one and about five or six days. “Trying to spread the mayonnaise” Grahm says.

I’m predicting a lot of Hot Mayonnaise this summer. They are working their asses off and not stopping. Armed with some new songs and kick ass old ones, a killer live show, and being as serious as they are crazy, Hot Mayo is a powerful band making moves. “We are sick of making you fucking coffee we are sick of fucking cleaning up your beer, we are sick of flipping burgers. All we want to do is fuck your girlfriends and play rock and roll” explains Grahm.

Every song hits hard. Their drummer Nick, who insisted his name was Bunny Hopkins during the interview, stated “I’m Bunny Hopkins and I play the drums”. And he is damn good at it too.  While Guitarist, Mcgee, plays some heavy, hard, balls to the wall, riffs. The sound that comes out of these three guys, Nick, Mcgee and Ghram, is something you have to hear, and can only be supported with the showmanship singer Adrian brings.

If you have never seen Hot Mayonnaise check them out immediately. I’m sure you will see them playing out near you soon enough.  And check look to the new tape when it comes out, you will want to add this one to your collection. So go out and see these guys whether you have or not, they deserve it and you won’t be disappointed.