You Should Never Do This: Growing Marijuana

You Should Never Do This: Growing Marijuana

If you are like me, and smoke way too much weed, then you have thought about how much better growing your own weed would be at least a hundred times.  There are some states where it is perfectly legal to grow weed. New York is not one of them.  Honestly the best advice I can give you if you want to grow weed is simple. Move.

You are a stubborn one, aren’t you? Well since your still reading I assume you insist on continuing with this crazy idea. Well fine, if you are going to do it anyway here are a few things you need to remember as you join the growing crowd of personal pot farmers.

Don’t be dumb

What I mean by this is, you do not have to be the Johnny Appleseed of pot. One or two plants are enough.  You’re an amateur, plus this is for personal use.  Not that growing a few plants is hard.  They’re plants, proper maintenance and care and you can easily get a few ounces of some damn good bud.  Just keep it simple stupid.

Let There Be Light!

As we all know light is essential to the process.  Think of the natural cycle of life. In the spring the days are getting longer. During this time and on into summer the sun emits a mostly blue spectrum of light.  During the fall, harvest season, the light is more of a read spectrum.  I doubt you need a roadmap to figure it out from here, and obviously the length of your cycle is up to you. Four months tends to be the most widely assumed time frame.

Know What You Want

Different strains of weed give you different types of highs, take longer to grow, and can vary in appearance. But you know that. What you want to know is what strain is best to grow.  Go with what you know.  Proven strains have proven potency.  Maybe wait until you got a bit stashed before you walk on the wild side.

Fuck the Forums

There are a million people sharing opinions online, and as we all know they are just like assholes. Everybody’s got one. There is a lot of great literature available out there. Get off your ass and do a little research.  Most of all remember the internet is traceable to an extent and you never really know who you could be talking to.

Let Them Breathe

Fresh air is another essential for the survival of you buds.  Specifically for the prevention of “white powdery mold”.  Airflow will help the keep the humidity down hence no mold. I suggest a fan system of some sort.  Weed stinks man. Keep that in mind before you vent outside without some sort of filter setup.

Give’em the goods-

Nutrients are a necessity for this undertaking, but no need to constantly saturate them in whatever concoction you’ve come up with.  IT WILL NOT UP THE POTENCY. That is all based on genetics my friend. Less is more in this instance.

Patience grasshopper-

This is what you need the most.  Growing takes time, and there is a good chance you could fuck this whole thing up the first time through. That’s another great reason to keep it small.  Screwing up one to two plants isn’t the end of the world.  Tweak the formula and get back to work.

Ok that’s it. I have no more advice to give you.  What you do with this knowledge is up to you. I told you to move.  Any legal ramifications you receive from not following that first piece of advice is on you. No one twisted your arm and told you to read.  And if someone did. Well damn, I’m sorry, that must suck!