Seven Bands to See This Week

Seven Bands to See This Week

Here is your dose of local shows this week.

Anchorage Nebraska

Rochester’s Grunge Gods, Anchorage Nebraska has never failed to put on a great show. Heavy riffs, Angstly lyrics, and an awesome stage presence. This is a show you do not want to miss. Anchorage Nebraska plays June 10th at the California Brew Haus with The Naturalists, The Dirty Pennies, Wilxy and Crump, and Comedown.

Sunny Union

Born and bred in the Flour City Sunny Union (aka Sunny Zaman) now resides in Brooklyn, but his music is still focused on Rochester.  He creates a revivalist folk sound that hearkens back to a simpler time when we lived off the land and didn’t live in large cities.  Sunny will be playing at Boulder Coffee on June 11th.

Order of the Dead

Order of the Dead is that old school metal that kicks you in the head and gives the middel finger to any of the newer metal acts that just try to cram as many breakdowns into a song as possible. This band is astonishily brutal and always a good act to check out. Order of the Dead will be playing June 13th at Flour City Station

Mike Brown

Mike Brown’s music is the quintessential Americana sound that transports you to the American road. His music brings imagines of road side diners, winding roads, and all of the characters in along the way. Mike Brown plays with Hinkley at Flour City Station June 14th.

The Dirty Pennies

I love blues, so when a duo like The Dirty Pennies comes around I make a point not to miss any of their shows. This band has perfected that new blues rock sound that has been revitalized in recent years. You will be surprised two people can put out so much sound. The Dirty Pennies plays June 10th at the California Brew Haus with The Naturalists, Anchorage Nebraska, Wilxy and Crump, and Comedown.

The Honey Smugglers

Grab your flannel and your moonshine. Honey Smugglers are some truly feel good blue grass. The type of music to get you up and dancing and make you wonder why you suddenly like the washboard all of a sudden. The Honey Smugglers are playing June 12th at the Firehouse Saloon with Chris James and the Mama G Band.


If you want to listen to some original rock n roll with wailing vocals and a good rhythem look no farther than the Spacelords. The Spacelords have a unique sound that will be sure to get people grooving. They play June 10th at Flour City Station.

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