Rotten Review: Embers

Rotten Review: Embers

Rochester’s Eastman School of Music breeds a special brand of musician, and Embers is a super group of students that can shred harder than most bands twice their age. The band formed in late September last year, and has been on fire (pun intended) since. They play some of the hardest, tightest, and more complex music around. The kind that needs to be seen to believe. Might I add, these kids are all students, and most of them can’t even drink at a bar yet. Its hard to pin point their style, but its something along the lines of indie alternative rock and roll. Call them what you will, but simply put, they fucking rock.

Embers consists of four Eastman students: Arjun Baxter on bass and vocals, lead vocalist Chris Xu, Alex Lassa playing lead guitar, and Stephen Morris on drums. When I met the boys outside Java’s they were some of the funniest, down to earth kids that just loved music. With influences from heavy metal to alternative indie rock, Embers is all over the spectrum of musical style. You can hear some of the metal with Alex’s shredding solos. A nasty guitarist, he fits perfectly over Chris’s style of guitar playing. Who, by the way, is by no means any less of a musician. Both of them are masters at their craft.

Now, as good as both of them are, they don’t over shadow the other two. Arjun is a fantastic bass player, and an absolute trip to witness on stage. He plays some perfect bass lines to hold strong the groove under each song. Now we get to Stephen Morris. Stephen is the glue of this act. Playing with just the right amount of complexity and holding it all together. The vocal harmonies and styles they produce are beautiful. Between Arjun and Chris they have some of the best vocals I’ve heard, and are great live. The amount of talent this band throws at you is unbelievable, and everyone should check these guys out when they can.

Embers are four highly talented and gifted musicians, playing and combining as many influences as possible. Whether it be jazz, metal, punk or classical, they pull it all together and leave you standing in awe of the complete genius that comes pouring through the speakers. These boys live for the music, and love to rock. They have a breath taking live performance that grabs you as soon as they start playing. I can say for a fact that this will not be the last time you see me write about Embers. With their first summer as a band coming up, I’m expecting big things. Also, go online and listen to their album, Singles, and keep an eye out for anything that might come out in the near future. These boys are hard working, so expect a lot coming from them.