Album Review: Talking Under Water

Album Review: Talking Under Water

Following up their well received ‘Tossing and Turning’ EP, Talking Under Water killed it once again with their latest EP, ‘Ether’. The indie rock foursome, consisting of David Chisholm, Alex Patrick, Elise Hughey, and Stephen Roessner, brings so much to the table musically that it is hard to classify exactly what influences the songs originate from. Equal parts Gospel, Americana, Blues, and Jazz, with a little bit of country thrown in for good measure, this group composes sounds that are truly unique.

One most certainly blues driven element, the lyrics are best described as sad music that will make you feel good. I’ve never heard a song about being homeless that made me feel so happy, until I heard ‘Nomad’. Listening to the album as a whole is a kin to a summer romance. The first song, ‘Ether’ grabs your attention, has you positively hooked by ‘Sunday Morning’, and falling in love by the time ‘Nomad’ begins. The band then puts forth an effort to let you down gently by the time ‘First Act’ wraps up.

Much like a summer romance, the only thing that will torment you about ‘Ether’, is that it ends all too soon. With only four songs, it’s another taste of Talking Under Water, when what you really hunger for is the full meal. I cannot wait until I’m finally able to wrap my hands around a full length by this band.

Track to check out: Nomad

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