Seven Bands to See This Week

Seven Bands to See This Week

Its August fools summer is ending but the shows are still going strong. Here are seven bands you need to check out this week.

Highest Leviathan

Find a way to grow your hair out before this show just so you can head band appropriately. This band is Sludge Metal at its finest. I have never had a bad time at a Leviathan show that I did not love. In a small room like the Bug Jar all you have to do is sit back and let the waves of sound this band puts out hit you. Highest Leviathan plays with Hivelords and Enthapyung at The Bug Jar August 4th.

Passive Aggressive Anonymous

A remarkably talented band that mixes a fuzzy jazz-like sound with tongue-in-cheek lyrics. You don’t have to believe me, just check out their latest single titled ‘Many At Once’ with was released last month. Passive Aggressive Anonymous plays with Eric and Nate, Dave from Talking Under Water, and Darling Harbor on August 9th at The Bug Jar.

Sea Planes

Sea Planes preforms upbeat Indie Synth that you cant help but sing along with. With dream like harmonies and vocals that could fill a stadium, you are bound to be dancing along by the second verse. Sea Planes plays with Secret Pizza, Druse, Quarries, and Gunnar Stahl August 8th at The Bug Jar.

Secret Pizza

Indie music with Shoegazy undertones, Secret Pizza is a band I had enjoyed for years. If Sea Planes is a band you are destined to dance to Secret pizza will wear a hole though your converse. The Vocals along will send a shiver down your spine. Secret Pizza plays with Druse, Quarries, Seaplanes, and Gunnar Stahl on August 8th at The Bug Jar.

Subtle Words

Coming from our sister city of Buffalo NY Subtle words is a indie Punk outfit that brings a ton of intensity to the stage. A relatively new band I look forward to seeing them Playing in our hometown with an amazing lineup. Subtle Words is playing with Eucalyptus and Forcks & Knyves at Bug Jar August 5th.

Darling Harbor

Another Buffalo band to make this weeks list, Darling Harbor is a band that deserves to be talked about. A modern folky sound with impressive drums and resonating vocals you will become trapped by the show they put on. Darling Harbor plays with Passive Aggressive Anonymous, Eric and Nate, and Dave from Talking Under Water on August 9th at The Bug Jar.

Mitty and The Followers

Grab someone tight, get comfortable, and get ready for some good ole fashion Motown and R&B. This band has been playing music that will drop pants for years. Mitty and The Followers plays August 8th at The Lovin Cup

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