Album Review: Good Ole Fashion Time

Album Review: Good Ole Fashion Time

If you are looking for an album to get stuck in your head for the next thirty days, look no farther that the Bournes’ new debut album “A Good Ole Fashion Time.” These exceptionally talented artists pump out classic surf style punk tunes with an catchy chorus and an energy that makes you feel like you’re seeing them live; instead of listening to them on your drive to work.

The lyrics are just plain fun. Who would’ve guessed that a song about pooping everywhere could grasp your attention as swiftly as any other with a deeply cultivated meaning.

The guitar solos don’t just shred… they maul; and the lead singer’s vocals are a throw back to that Misfits style delivery that most bands dream of perfecting. Even if pop punk isn’t your style of music, I suggest giving this band a try.

The album, at the moment, is only available in a hard copy. You may have to attend one of their shows to get the full length,(completely more than worth the worth) …However, fortunately they have dropped most of the songs as singles on Bandcamp, so you can get a taste before waiting for the next show flier to feature The Bournes on the band list.



Song to listen to: Bitch Fit