Album Review: Heavy Moments

Album Review: Heavy Moments

Watch out! Because Hot Mayonnaise is ready to get drunk, play rock n’ roll, and fuck your girlfriend. If their new album ‘Heavy Moments’ doesn’t prove that to you, nothing will. To describe the album in one word it would be ‘Fast,’ from the first syllable to the last, this album makes you want to do a bunch of blow and party like a mother fucker.

This is pure sleezy, balls to the wall, rock n roll. I have never seen a band go from a DIY recorded EP [Bathroom Tapes Vol.1] …To a heavy hitting full length quite like Hot Mayonnaise did with this release. The word ‘powerful’ gets tossed around too frequently when discussing new rock releases but these guys have truly made an instant classic with their debut album. This is rock music distilled down to its most potent recipe in a way that Colombian cartels could take note from.

I can’t wait to hear more from these heavy hitting lunatics. This album just makes me itch for more. I’ve heard talk of a potential spawn of ‘Bathroom Tapes Vol.2,’ being brain stormed now, so I suppose I’ll just have to jones until then with ‘Heavy Moments’ as my Hot Mayo fix.

Song to listen to: Stoned and Dangerous