Album Review: Punk Cult Fetish

Album Review: Punk Cult Fetish

FacebookRotten UK and Rochester Punk has become synonymous in my mind as I’ve traversed this screw up entity we call a music scene in Rochester. You knew you were in for a good time involving malt liquor and mosh pits every time you saw Rotten UK on a bill. This is why I am immensely thrilled that a singles and b-sides album was released. Every time I listen to this album I get Vietnam style flashbacks of ducking air borne Genny cans.

Nothing defines that ‘across the pond’ punk like the song ‘Sex and Violence’ and Rotten UK does a version of that song that rivals The Exploited’s. That is just a cover, their original music is something to be reckoned with. There is something primal about their music that makes you want to burn shit to the ground. This is true anarchy music that should be packaged with a “not fit for human consumption” warning label.



Song to listen to: Police Business