Album Review: Raging Hormones

Album Review: Raging Hormones

I honestly, I had never heard of this band until I stumbled upon their album on bandcamp last month. So, imagine my surprise when I ended up experiencing five, amazing blues inspired, rock and roll true songs, that make up the Raging Hormones album. This EP is that type of bluesy, dirty, nose to the grind stone rock, that would not be out of place as the backing track for an old gangster movie; as the enforcer of a gang is sets a competitor’s bar on fire.

The songs are so heavy it can almost be considered metal. It’s the kind of music you want to get drunk and fight to; the musical equivalent of a straight razor to the face. Songs titled ‘Sloppin The Hogs’ and ‘Nuclear Meltdown,’ this band makes sure that this EP earns the name: ‘Raging Hormones’. I cant wait to hunt these stand up guys down and book them for our next show.


Song to listen to: Nuclear Meltdown