Album Review: Smoke Signals

Album Review: Smoke Signals

Its been a long time coming for Ginger Faye Bakers’ newest Album Smoke Signals. Partly because I fell in love with the trios unique brand of rock and roll and partly because, if I had played their first album “Feast,” any more it would’ve experienced spontaneous combustion; and burn my stereo system to the ground. [Recorded and Mixed at Calibrated Recording] …Released in June: the new album is the breed of music that takes over your whole body. After listening to the whole album your heart starts mimicking the drums, the guitar riffs fry your nervous system and the vocals creep into your brain and settle their like a beautiful exponentially exuding cancer.

If you think I’m exaggerating, try sitting down while listening to their music. As I write this review, I have to force myself in front of the computer because I almost, against my own will, battle every element within myself not to stand up, move, and jam out to the album. It’s face melting, soul crushing, and ever wanting to fuck your perception. So stop reading this, go to their Bandcamp page, and buy the album. In fact, give more than their asking price; so I don’t have to wait another two years for the next album to drop.

Song to listen to: You Kind of Just Blew My Mind