Rotten Review: Wyatt Coin

Rotten Review: Wyatt Coin

The beer soaked, folk infused, punk rock that Wyatt Coin brings can only be described as a breath of fresh air for the Rochester music scene. The three piece band of misfits have a sound that is so uniquely different than what we usually hear in Rochester it is immediately likable. Their music blends country, rock, and folk but with a drunken punk attitude that they like to describe as ‘cow punk’.

The trio is comprised of three exceptional musicians; Lael on drums, Jordan belting vocals and playing acoustic guitar and harmonica, and Dewar playing lead guitar. For a band without a bass player they have a huge full sound that make you wonder what tuning this really is. Jordan’s growling howls are magnificent, the passion put into his vocals take every song, every word and make you feel it. Dewey plays some of the catchiest lead riffs in folk that add a special sauce which is too good to deny and promises every song will be a memorable one. On drums Lael holds it all down like glue, there’s not much more to say about a great drummer… they live in the pocket and provide the foundation for the rest of the elements to grow and that is what Lael is. Every song is as catchy as the last one and you are guaranteed to be singing along and having a great time tippin’ a drink while Wyatt Coin is on stage. Regardless if you’ve seen them at every show or none of the shows, Wyatt Coin has something for everyone no matter what you listen to. The energy of their heartfelt compositions are full of experience and conviction that promise to be more memorable than that one song with a banjo you heard on the radio.

Although based in Batavia, Wyatt Coin considers Rochester home and they are more than welcome to do that. Having grown a respectable fan base out here you cant blame anyone for loving them so much though, they party just as hard as any other Rochester city sleaze punk. With all that said, Wyatt Coin plays great music while doing it and that’s what we love. Right now the band is working on an album that will be out in the near future, so be sure to look for that and keep an eye out for them on shows at your local dive. They are a lot of fun to witness and they may just go shot for shot with you! Wyatt Coin is Jordan, Dewey, and Lael, three great guys in a killer band that, above all, bring a breath of fresh air to the ever evolving scene we know as Rochester, NY.