Review: Howlo and Pleistocene

Review: Howlo and Pleistocene

Howlo and Pleistocene

Ghost Walk

If Howlo was a band made up of huge artists from Rochester,adding the heavy styles of Pleistocene to the mix creates an unstoppable force. ‘Ghost Walk’, which came out last Halloween, is a heavy, fuzzy, drippy, horror story that only these two bands could tell. With songs like All Hallows Eve, Bumps, Jack-o, and Thirteen, this is a spooky album by some of the most heavy hitting musicians of the city. Just because it is

Halloween based doesn’t mean you can only enjoy it during October. Half the lyrics are so distorted you can almost picture them be spoken by a pair of twins in a desolate hallway. And the instrumentals at times remind you of a straight razor against a piano string. This is a musician masterpiece enjoyed year round especially if you want o be both blown away and creeped out. Its a beautifully eerie album that deserves many play throughs and will send an indie shiver down your spine every time.

Song to listen to: In The Haunted House