Another Great Album From Muler

Another Great Album From Muler

It has been a while since we have seen a full length release from this band, and it’s about god damn time. They are the classical description of a staple of the Rochester Music scene. Creating music and putting out cassettes and vinyl since 1994, this band, amid line up changes and style changes, has always been a must see for the last 22 years.

Feel good rock in the best of senses, ‘Unlikey Soilders’ is a fresh look at the new and improved Muler. Dropped this January through Carbon Records, this is a feel good garage rock album that will last the tests of time. The five member band syncs perfectly together to create a droney garage rock masterpiece that will make even the most pretentious music snobs turn their head and take a listen.

Song to listen to: Solider


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