Eight Songs of Live Sludgy Rock Goodness

Eight Songs of Live Sludgy Rock Goodness

‘Live at The California Brew Haus’, Bygone Few’s second release, is eight songs of sludgy rock goodness that cant be ignored. This line up as a whole might be the best Bygone Few has had yet. Alicia’s voice hits you like a brick. It is the type of sound that envelopes you as soon as it starts and sucks you in like a rip tide. The Bellanca brothers are savages on bass and drums, and every guitar lick Ryan plays is deserving of a solo.

Releasing live tracks from the Brew Haus is something of a right of passage for local bands. Its a good place to get fucked up and play the best show of your life. The kind of venue where, after a set, you go “Shit, I should have recorded that’. When it came time to record at the California Brew Haus, Bygone Few did not just hit it out of the park with this live release, they poured a pentagram out of gasoline and lit the park on fire. It is a live recording that makes you wish you were there.

Seriously, is this band a trick the Devil played on Rochester to bring us all to the dark side? I mean just the name ‘Bygone Few’ is the type of name you expect to see for a war movie where an unlucky few get caught up in the bush of Vietnam or some shit. Even the names of their songs sound metal as fuck: ‘Murk’, ‘Sin’, ‘Beg’, ‘Vagabond’… Regardless, this newest release is simply enchanting, and whether it steals your soul or not it is a must have.

Song to listen to: Sin



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