Hike Up Your Skirts and Dance to Skirts

Hike Up Your Skirts and Dance to Skirts

I haven’t heard a Skirt’s album I haven’t liked, and their latest work ‘What Do You Want To Do?’ is no exception. Released January this year, it is hard to pin down the exact place it lands in Skirt’s discography. It is the 4th release, throughout multiple line ups over the years, if you include the release under their previous band name, Meanagers (Do I sound like a hipster music snob yet?). Regardless, this album is a garage pop album you will fall in love with.

This album, released by Dadstache Records, takes a different tone than previous ones. The album is more surf rock inspired, getting away from the rawer sound of garage rock. Because of this there is not one song that you do not want to dance to. Even the slower songs, such as … keep your shoulders swaying. Bri Battista’s back up vocals are stunning, and a great addition to Skirt’s already unique sound. This is good indie garage rock, plain and simple.

Song to listen to: Eastern Standard Time



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