Rescue Dawn Creates the Classic Pop Punk Sound That You Love

Rescue Dawn Creates the Classic Pop Punk Sound That You Love

‘Love and Other Short Stories’ by Rescue Dawn is not a new album by any stretch of the imagination; released in 2012, but it is an unapologetic pop punk album that needs to be talked about. This isn’t even the most recent of the band’s releases; it is just one of my favorites. RJ Demarco’s voice is the standard for pop punk sound, and the band’s sound makes me feel like I am in high school again.

This band makes you want to chant their lyrics and cheers your friends during everyone of their songs. Seriously, their music sounds like the victory song played at the end of a romance comedy from the nineties. This band transports you back to a time when you got googly eyed over your crushes Facebook profile picture. For some, that time may be sooner than others, but it is a feeling everyone has felt and will continue to feel which is the reason we need pop punk. It keeps us humble, and reminds us how much of a bitch we once were, or still are.

For some reason I always get sad when this album ends. It’s not my favorite style of music, but it is an emotional steamroller that brings you back to your youth.

Song to listen to: Break Through



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