Ska Still Lives, Because of Lenny Palmieri 

Ska Still Lives, Because of Lenny Palmieri 

‘Get Your Boy Out Of The Trash’, the debut of solo project Homunculus, took a very different approach to how an album is created. To even call it a solo album is a stretch. Lenny Palmieri has crowd sourced a laundry list of talent from across the city. Fifteen other people contributed to this record, to speak of their individual talents one at a time would take it’s own magazine. What came out of it was a truly unique ska sound, with a heavy, heavy dose of street punk attitude.

Lemmy is a mad genius. A talented dude who finds the best inspiration on the streets. This effort has a DIY feel about it that could only come from involving so many different voices. I mean, I can’t wrap my head around an acoustic album, let alone a ska one that by nature needs to include a horn section. But it works. Fast, raw, and just plain fun.

I don’t expect to see any of these songs played live in a traditional sense, because of how this project was created, but I will be interested to see if another record happens. The album is available for free online, but be sure to throw him a dollar when he’s preforming this music on the sidewalk outside of your favorite venue or place of business.

Song to listen to: No Ideas



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