Subsoil Is Back And Ready To Blow You Away

Subsoil Is Back And Ready To Blow You Away

After not releasing an album in over four years, Subsoil redefines the definition of ‘coming back with a vengeance’ with their latest release “On The Bus”. This band transcends genres. Mooney Faugh and Laz Green are unstoppable wordsmiths. Hip-hop heads will love the bands lyricism, deadheads and jam band lovers will adore the backing groove by musicians Wil McKenna, Ted Ladwig, Adrien D’Angelo, Jay Priest, Bill Smith, and Shawn Drogan.

One part jam band, one part hip hop duo, Subsoil creates a unique sound that no one can fuck with, no matter how they try. I don’t say this about many bands, but there is no way any music lover could ever hate this band. They are too diverse. They hit all of the stops, in just the way that doesn’t make Subsoil seem like it is overreaching. They crush it from all sides, creating seven songs of pure bliss.

Pick up their album and try to put it down. I dare you.

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