Talking with: Pout

Talking with: Pout

Award winning Webcammer, Model, and Burlesque dancer Pout sits down with us and talks about what she does for a living.

How long have you been webcaming for?

A year and a half, but only seriously for about eight months. The first chunk of webcaming is really just a game of perseverance. There would be weeks when I was only online for two hours because I would get discouraged and stop recording.

How do you get started in webcaming?

I got started because I was already doing nude modeling and I had a friend who was doing it. She introduced me to it and said I would be really good at it, so I thought I would give it a try. I made a lot of mistakes, but eventually I did find it was a very easy career for me. It was right up my alley as far as performing and who I am. I just sort of slipped into the role, and then went to my first adult event at Caming Con last summer. It blew my career up and made me give a shit about what I was doing.

What are some of the growing pains of getting into an industry like that?

It depends on where you sign up. Sometimes signing up means you’re accidentally signing up though a studio and they take a percentage of your pay, and it’s utter nonsense. I contracted with a studio at first, and I found out they were taking over half of my tips that I was making a night. Just because I signed up at a random website not knowing what I was doing. Suddenly, I’m under contract with a studio. For a minute it was OK for me to be under the studio, because they moved me from website to website until I found a good fit. At the same time, it was unfair for them to make so much of the money for so little of the work.

My website now is really awesome. They helped me get out of my original contract. I am much freer to do what I want now.

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So how does the business work?

I make a percentage of my tips, and now I earn an hourly rate though my website as well. Most sites are just commission, and the best you can do is 30-50% of the tips you receive. I earn a lot more than that with currently.

There seems to be a certain amount of back dealing and creepiness in this industry.

It’s a business, and unfortunately a huge part of this business is very dumb girls and their willingness to make no money off of the work that they do. Some don’t do the research, or try to find a better deal for themselves. A lot of girls just see it as easy money. The average career for a webcam person is six months, because they don’t want to go through the stage where you just sit there with no viewers.

What’s a typical day like for you?

My lifestyle is what you would call a vampire life. I usually go to bed around 6-7am. I usually get up at 1pm and do house stuff, go to the gym, burlesque rehearsals, and meetings. I get on cam at 10-11pm and usually preform until 2-3am, or 5-6am if it is a good night.

So super C shift.

I am there in the morning for the UK guys, they are waking up and having coffee…. well, tea… and watch me.

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So did you just stumble onto a UK fan base when staying up late?

I like to get to know the people who are watching me. One of the first things I ask is ‘where are you from?’ and suddenly found out I had a following overseas. I have some fans in Australia as well.

I heard you went to Las Vegas for both the Adult Video News Awards, and the Adult Webcam Awards in the same week?

Yes, they were both a couple days apart. [The Awards are] competing events, so it was kind of not cool that they were the same week, and across the street from each other. It was super awkward. The smaller event, The Webcam Awards, was completely emptied out for fan day and industry day. But their award show, maybe because it was on a smaller scale, had more production value and was a more interesting ceremony. They had a nice dinner for the Webcams Awards as well. It was great.

I got to present an award at the Webcam Awards for ‘Best Anal’. I thought I was being funny so I said ”and the winner is Miss Columbiaā€¯ like Steve Harvey. The winner was actually Spanish and I don’t think she got the reference. After her thank yous she said, ‘Actually I am Spanish not Colombian’. I felt like such an asshole. I hope she got back to the table and someone explained to her the joke.

There is a weird crowd at those events. Being at that expo was like being in a whirlwind of humans. I would constantly loose my direction and forget where I was. [The crowd] is made of fake chicks, some interesting cool people, and then just really awkward fans. The fans aren’t there to network and meet people, they are there for one specific porn star. People make a vacation around going to Vegas for the AVN awards. I met a guy who was from Spain who was there just for an artist.

Whats next?

I want to do more print modeling and photo shoots. I have been falling short on that recently. I also want to get into the actual porn industry. I make good money now, but I want to expand my career and have more of a following. I only want to work with one company specifically. I want to find someone that I ethically agree with, and also work well with.

Well, if you already went through growing pains with webcaming, you don’t want to start over again with the porn industry.

Absolutely, and it’s unfortunate but the porn industry is another industry who’s cornerstone is dumb girls being taken advantage of. There is a monetary value in taking things slow in the adult industry; which some people don’t get. Also I have moral issues with some of the things that are considered hardcore in this industry. This is one of the last industries in the world where it is OK to be racist and degrading. It’s encouraged a lot of the time.

Have you seen ‘Hot Girls Wanted’? It follows one company and it showed hot eighteen year old girls who are tricked into thinking they are going to do professional porn. Instead, [the girls] get sent to Miami to do amateur porn and be chewed up and spit out in six months. There is no career after that.

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What is a talent you don’t have but wish you did?

I wish I could commit more fully to things rather than half ass my way through too many things at once. That is a trait I definitely lack. I’m involved with so many little side projects that I don’t always commit fully to what I am supposed to be doing.

What’s the last book you have read?

1491 by Charles C. Mann. It’s a history book about the argument that Native American and South American cultures were more advanced than the cultures that later killed them off. How the cultures developed rapidly, and how history is written to not include the oral histories of those who never wrote anything down. Its a fascinating book, but gets boring at points. There is thirty pages about domesticating corn, which makes me have to force my way through it.

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