The Best Cuban In Rochester

The Best Cuban In Rochester

Located at 857 South Clinton Ave, in an unassuming building, you will find the best Cuban Sandwich and Spanish food in the city. For those who don’t know what a Cuban sandwich is; it is the perfect combination of ham, pickles, Swiss, mustard, and bread that you will ever eat. If that doesn’t make you salivate enough, Georgie’s Bakery has perfected the craft, creating the most desirable hoagie you will ever eat.

From first site you might not think Georgie’s is a special place. It’s a small location with beige walls and standard Italian wall paper borders. The walls are almost completely covered with family portraits, which makes the location seem quaint. It’s only after you realize that those family photos are four generations in the making, and the smells of the location are a combination of fresh bread and even fresher Spanish food, that you realize you are in a special place.

The warm smell of fresh baked goods hit you as you walk in. I went in on a Saturday, so the smell of pastries mixed with the Saturday special. Red Rice with gandules, and choice of Roast Pork or Chicken. The special starts at 11am and sells until sold out, which means it goes quick. I always get served by a young girl when I stop in. Since it’s a family run bakery, I assume its the owner’s daughter or niece. I don’t ask questions, I’m just there for the food. Ten minutes and eleven dollars later, I walk out with a large Cuban in tin foil.

As soon as you unwrap the foil, the smell from the sandwich hits your face and immediately makes your mouth begin to water. Fresh bread, pork and turkey cut thin, piled on top of lettuce, white onions, cheese, and pickles. I don’t know how, but they crafted the sandwich so perfectly that the grease mixes with the mustard and drips throughout the whole sandwich, soaking everything in delicious goodness. I know the food is good when you don’t want to drink anything but water while you eat. I wouldn’t want a coke or a beer to fuck with the flavor of this sandwich.

The sandwich is a piece of perfection, ripped right out of its southern roots and transplanted in Rochester NY. You have not lived until you’ve walked down South Clinton eating this sandwich, dripping grease down your chin, in absolute bliss.

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