The Most Metal Album About Trees Ever

The Most Metal Album About Trees Ever

Released November 2015, Enuthauptung’s third album ‘Adrirondack’ is blacker than your ex girlfriend’s soul. How metal are these guys you ask? Well, their band name translates to “decapitation” in German. They are self described as a “dark and aggressive blend of misery and nostalgia”, which I guess speaks for itself. Ill be honest, metal music isn’t my strong suit (I’m working on that). I view good metal bands like I view good porn… I know it when I see it, and I’m an instant fan. Enthauptung definitely fits that bill, as soon as I heard it, I was hooked.

‘Adirondack’ is an album based around our local mountains, and makes our national parks out to be the most brutal satanic ritual sites ever. With songs like ‘Old Growth”, “The Groan of The Pines”, and “Earth Divider”, this album will make metal heads want to go camping and ritualistically slaughter the jam band lovers who are normally found in the woods. Seriously, no one would blame you.

Song to listen to: The Groan of The Pines



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