The Strange Styles of Lutherlab

The Strange Styles of Lutherlab

I have been addicted to Lutherlab since I discovered him on Bandcamp. It’s experimental in the weirdest way. It’s hard to pin down solo projects in any regard, but Lutherlab is one part acoustic, one part singer-song writer, one part producer, and creates a truly unique sound that it is hard to describe using written word.

Released January 2015, ‘Fracture 14’ is the latest out of an eight album discography that spans the course of ten years, which makes me kick myself for not finding it before. Timothy Elswick’s voice is hauntingly unique. The music itself has a certain ambient sound that almost escapes description. It is genre-less, crossing between so many classes of music without settling on a single one. Overall, ‘Frature 14’ makes you want to download Lutherlab’s previous albums just to follow the progression of how this music evolved.

Song to listen to: Three Shots