Boozey: Chicken Dumplings with IPA Sauce

Boozey: Chicken Dumplings with IPA Sauce

This month’s recipe will be using soda and beer, instead of liquor. Using the local soda and beer you can create a simple dish with complex flavor. These dumplings combine sweet and mellow flavors with a kick of garlic and chilies. This recipe is also simple to cook. Just sit back, crack a beer, and let the marinade and sauce do the heavy lifting.

Dumpling Ingredients:

2 lbs chicken

1-2 bottles Fizz Jamaican Ginger Beer

1/4 lb Ginger


Wonton Wrappers


Vegetable oil



Sauce Ingredients:

1 cup soy sauce

1 cup The Kind Three Head’s Brewing

1 tsp minced garlic

Diced red chilies



Peel and dice the ginger, and slice the chicken into strips.  Combine in a bowl and top off with Fizz Ginger Beer. Cover and let sit refrigerated for 1-2 days.


Remove chicken from marinade and dice. Add diced scallions, salt, and pepper. Mix.

Take a pinch of the mixture and plop it into a dumpling wrapper. Wet the edges of the dumpling with egg and close using a fork or finger tips. Plop, wet, seal, repeat.

In a large pan, add oil. Add dumplings and cook until one side starts to brown. Add water and cover allowing dumplings to steam for 2-3 minutes. Repeat until all dumplings are cooked. Keep cooked dumplings covered.

Dipping sauce

Combine the soy sauce, IPA, and garlic in a pan and bring to a simmer.  Add chili peppers to taste. If the sauce is too hot or salty, add more beer. Let simmer for 30 minutes. Let cool and serve.

Serve with rice, wonton noodles, or by themselves.