Rotten Review: Tugboat

Rotten Review: Tugboat

The under ground hip hop scene in Rochester is one always expanding, and growing stronger. One artist that really shines a light on that strength, is Tugboat. Tugboat is a hard hitting lyricist that touches on topics such as addiction and family. With a unique stage presence and a distinct flow, he stands out among other artists. He comes at you hard with his beats and has perfected his rhyme flow to get his messages across. The emotion behind some of Tugboats songs will get you enthralled in his words and make you listen closely to his stories.

Molded by the hardcore and punk scene, Tugboat breaks down the wall between hip hop and punk rock. A lot of his influences come from punk and other music styles, which is apparent in his writing. The emotion and angst that Tugboat puts into his lyrics makes his music something of a hybrid of hip hop. The realism that exists in his songs is so relatable that its hard not to feel like hes talking to you. As a talented story teller, he makes it clear the struggles he has been through. Tugboat puts a piece of himself into every song, and doesn’t hide anything.

Tugboat is a proud local rapper, with a lot of hooks about growing up and living in Rochester. Coming up in the Rochester hip hop scene is a hard and long process, and he’s worked his ass off to get where he is now. Opening up for acts like R.A. The Rugged Man, Tugboat doesn’t let it go to his head, or his music. Nothing will change his style and how hard he spits. The whole goal of his music is to be relatable and real, all while spitting some of the best rhymes you’ll hear in the underground scene. And underground is where Tugboat likes to be. He has passion for the little guy who rhymes and raps harder than the more well known commercial artists. He keeps his music very lyrical and writes smart. Intellectually lyrical hip hop is a rare breed these days, but Tugboat does it in the most fantastic way, especially for a young, white, hardcore punk kid.

I highly recommend checking out Tugboats music and live shows when you get a chance. Nothing will compare to the brilliance that he throws at you. And when I say throw I don’t mean lob it up or toss it, the dude fucking chucks his music right into your face. So you better be ready. Tugboat will bring you on an emotional rollercoaster through his life and his legacy. The album ‘Ready for War’ is the epitome of the Rochester underground hip hop scene and everything Tugboat stands for. Personally, I can’t wait for some new stuff to come out. The best thing about Tugboat, is that through all the struggles and hardships that he sings about, one thing that doesn’t change is that he knows he is good. And he isn’t afraid to tell you that he can spit. With no end in sight, Tugboat will keep pushing forward as far as he can, and then keep pushing more. Always working and writing, this guy’s ready to get some new shit out there for everyone to hear.