Take Flight With Blue Falcon

Take Flight With Blue Falcon

A dash of paranoia, a pinch of something strange, and a heavy dose of Rock N’ Roll. This is what makes up Blue Falcon. Released March 2016, their new album ‘Full Flight’ is a testament to that. Their first full length is an experience including previous classics and new tunes. First track ‘Alluminati’ sets the mood of the album. That mood is the same you get getting high and watching Youtube conspiracy videos. Not that that mood is a bad one. With songs like ‘S.A.D.’ and ‘Internet Celebrity’, the rock trio takes a cynical look at modern culture. With witty lyrics and wailing guitar, Blue Falcon is a powerhouse banging out hit after hit. It was worth the wait for this full length release, can’t wait to see what is in store next. 

Song to Listen to: Slow Drag