The Devil’s Undertow Will Pull You Under

The Devil’s Undertow Will Pull You Under

The second in a series, ‘The Devil’s Undertow’ takes the Fevertone’s sound into a darker realm. The five song EP take’s a deep blues sound, invoking visions of snake preachers speaking in tongues. Appropriate, considering Dante’s Inferno is the inspiration for the series. Released in April, this album guides you through a journey down the River Styx. That is, until the last song “Prophet Jackson”. The song switches the tone, from dark blues to ‘Hallelujah’ invoking music. It is a redemption song that makes you feel like Jackson Cavalier has come to rescue your soul with folk music. This album has been on repeat in my car for weeks. I am sure it will be in yours as well. 

Song to Listen to: Charron’s Ferry