You Have Been Worshiping False IDols

You Have Been Worshiping False IDols

Debuting January 2016, ‘IDols’ is the first studio album by rap artist Eli Arbor. The Album is brimming with guests, the likes of Jae, Gage, Kae, and Meetus. The album also features producers C4 Productions, Faruhdey, EAGLEBABEL, MZZZA, Jamarco Shaw, and Ωzbud. Best described as hardcore rap meets nerd rap, the album is a cerebral one. Eli Arbor is a wordsmith covering a wide range of topics. This albums true originality comes out in songs about gentrification and sexual abuse. ‘Here For The Night’ for example, starts off talking about dancing and picking up girls. Halfway through, it warns for girls to watch their drink from predators. The album as a whole has a passion and heaviness that gives it the feel of a political punk album.

Song to listen to: 40 Acres