Aneurysm Inducing Punk

Aneurysm Inducing Punk

Good hardcore punk rock is like an aneurysm. Fast, deadly, and over before you know it. Stress hits all three marks with their new cassette released by Reel Time Records. Released in April the self titled album is seven songs crammed into twelve minutes of tape. Featuring screeching vocals over clamorous instrumentals, Stress is instant mosh pit music. 

With EP is unrelenting hitting you with a new song every minute. The band sets a tone that gets the blood blooding and makes you want to throw things in an instant. The only respite is the last song that comprises just under a quarter of the tape at 2:42. Just enough time to pick your brains off the floor and shove them back into your ears. A true face melting release from start to finish. Keep a look out for the cassette or download from Reel Time Record’s Bandcamp

Song to Listen to: I Know I Am Not Wrong

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