Bank Robbery Music

Bank Robbery Music

It is about time The Clockmen released a new album. “The Dead Heist City’ is the band’s first release since 2010. The garage punk aficionados new album has nothing to do with Rochester NY (cough). The album is a tale of three desperate men seeking redemption in corrupt rust belt city past it’s prime. ‘The Dead City Heist’ paints a picture of a 80’s punk dystopia with songs like ‘Blood Must Run’. The story focuses around a botched bank heist by the three down on their luck men. Fitting considering The Clockmen’s new wave sound is perfect for running from police. It is punk rock played with an urgency making it perfect for getaway music.

As an added bonus, the album comes with a comic by Will Carroll from Teenset Outsider. Grab both the album and comic before the run off. 

Song to Listen To: Stop, Drop, and Bleed