Rotten Review: The Emersons

Rotten Review: The Emersons

The punk scene in Rochester has always been a thriving community full of outstanding bands. In its heyday the scene was explosive with the best punk bands you could see, selling out shows left and right. Few bands from that era are still around, and if they are most don’t play regularly any more. But there is one band you can still see on a bill sometimes even more than some newer bands. That band of course, is none other than The Emersons. The Emersons are a like a good garbage plate and a cold Genny beer. You just cant go wrong.

Formed in 1997, The Emersons have been stuffing our ear holes with their unique style for almost 20 years. The Emersons play dangerously fast, with a poppy punk sound that can only described as Ramonescore. They bring a raw energy to their music that you can’t hear anywhere else. They have mastered the art of the catchy hook and ran with it. Vocalist McGonnell delivers his lyrics like a machine gun, fast and loud. As soon as you hear the iconic “1,2,3,4!” intro expect to be hit in the face with a barrage of power chord punches. Then you’re thrown head first into a hard hitting verse being screamed at you from all angles, before graciously being dropped into a catchy chorus that you can’t help but to sing along to. With the perfect amount of “woahs” and “heys”, the Emersons have the recipe for a perfect punk rock song you’ll be singing in your head days after listening to it.

Shark masks and moshing is something that you have to expect at a live performance by the Emersons, and frankly its some of the most fun you can have. Always fun, and always drunk, the boys in the Emersons show you what being a Rochester punk band is all about. The fast paced music is backed by the sheer raw energy that the band brings to every set. Almost 20 years and they still have a great time on stage every single show, and you can see that in their faces while they play. It is all just fun. And that’s what the scene is all about. They take that to heart. They like to have a good time, and when they have a good time everyone usually does too. You cant help but to move around and put your fists in the air yelling while they are on stage.