Ten Minutes With Ghost Righter

Ten Minutes With Ghost Righter

‘Ten Minutes With’ is a new Podcast were we have a quick chat with various people around Rochester NY. For our first episode, we met up with Ghost Righter at Rochester Rockshow’s North Coast Punk Fest. We talked with these tenured bummer punks about getting started and what they got going on now. To hear the full interview go to The Rochester Insomniac’s website to download.


For people who have never heard your music describe your sound.

Tim: Somewhere between pop punk and melodic hardcore. Somewhere around there.

Josh: Alkaline Trio meets The Menzingers.

Tim: Take all of the parts of the trilogy and mix them together then deal with all of our own polarizing musical interest and somewhere there you have us.

Nate: We all have our own musical tastes.

Josh: Tim comes from an old school rock back ground. Shawn comes from a hardcore background. Nate comes from a 90s skate punk background. I come from a mixture of backgrounds.

How did you guys end up getting started?

Josh: Tim and I get up on Craigslist about five years ago. If you could get any sketchier than that. We have been friends ever since we had similar interests in music.

Tim: We wrote fifteen songs right off the bat and built a band around that.

Josh: Nate came in a couple years ago and he has been a very important member ever since. Shawn came in not long after that and has been our longest consecutive drummer since then out of the six that we have had.

Tim: We have been doing this on and off since Tim and I started it.


You guys have one EP ‘Bitter Ends’ out now.

Tim: yeas we have one EP out now. We are in the middle of recording a full length LP that will hopefully be out by the end of the year.

How far along are you guys so far?

Nate: We have a couple drum tracks recorded now. We just started recording a couple weeks ago. We are working slowly to make sure every songs is what we want.

Do you guys prefer playing a tons of shows or spacing them out?

Tim: We try to not over extend ourselves. We want to play enough were people remember who we are, but not so much to were no one is showing up to shows.

Josh: If you play every week no ones wants to keep seeing the same band.


Do you have any advice for bands that are just starting out?

Tim: We have our own way of doing things for sure. We prioritizes songs writing first and then base the rest of the song around that. The lyrics come first then we do everything else.

Nate: I think that every musician just needs to rehearse. Practice makes perfect for everyone. Just drill over and over again

Josh: And write songs that you like. We have always tried to write music that we would want to hear. If you are not having fun or are proud of the songs then what is the point?

Tim: we have all been playing music in different bands since we were teenagers. So at this point we are trying to write something that is not going to get old. We want to want to be able to play them in ten years.

Nate: Musically what I like about this band is how we layer everything and try to be a little different. Try to get weird with it.


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