Treat Yo Self: Tapas 177

Treat Yo Self: Tapas 177

I love good food. Problem is the limits of my wallet are often at ends with my appetite for a well cooked meal. So when I do I turn into the worst time of foodie. Tearing through special boards, ordering appetizers, dessert, and multiple rounds. This new series ‘Treat Yo Self’ is a ongoing series dedicated to covering the best meals around the city. Because if your are going to blow a weeks pay on dinner, it better be worth it.

For the first installation we head over to 177 St Paul for one of my favorite restaurants: Tapas 177.

Traditional tapas hail from Spain. The appetizer sized dishes meant to arrive with each round of drinks and shared. Tapas 177 is a modern take on the old tradition. The menu is a fusion of dishes influenced by cuisine from around the world.

Tapas 01

I try to order something new every time I go. I have yet to order something I didn’t like. There are a few dishes I can’t help but order over and over. Artichoke hearts wrapped in prosciutto with Gorgonzola sage sauce. Roasted Tomato Caprese with fresh mozzarella and basil oil. Seared scallops with Sherried mushrooms, balsamic reduction, and red peppers. Each dish has so much flavor packed into each bite you wish the portions were double. 

I have my eye on the game sausage plate next time I eat there. I respect any restaurant that puts elk, venison, and wild boar on the menu.

Tapas makes you feel comfortable as soon as you walk in. Brick walls covered in artwork, dim red lights, tea lights, and wood furnishings. Entering the building, the main bar is directly to your right. The bar is normally crowded but comfortable. The style of food makes Tapas a great place to sit at the bar and order a new appetizer with every round. Downstairs the restaurant opens up. Two rooms filled with tables, a second bar, and a salsa dance floor. Concrete walls surround the outside dining area. A mural depicting the Spanish country side wraps around the walls and seems to blend with the building.

The service at Tapas 177 is incredible. The bartenders are happy to take orders and recommend drinks based on the food you order. The food comes out quick considering the large diverse menu you can choose from.  

Tapas 177 is a fantastic place to sit back, relax, and float away to the country side in your dreams for a brief time. Most of the tapas style items run around $15 with entrees running around $25.  Go with a friend, order a couple rounds of good food to share, and enjoy.



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