An Unusual Uplifting Yet Depressing Album

An Unusual Uplifting Yet Depressing Album

Making his mark in LA, Jay Woodward has a haunting craft will leave you awe struck. Released October 2015, ‘Good Grief’ is a modern take on folk music. This is the artist’s second release following ‘Letters We Told’ which debuted in 2013.

The Jay Woodward has a somber and suspenseful sound that is uplifting as it is depressing. The album’s title explains the sound. Haunting vocals and guitar backed by cello and drums. It is good grief, a melancholy ambient acoustic album that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Each of the nine songs is captivating in its own way. you will catch yourself content and daydreaming while listening to this on repeat.

Song to listen to: In Natural Order